Lavender Cat Litter 28kg

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Lavender Cat Litter 28kg

FourFriends lavender cat litter effectively removes bad odors and while creating minimal dust. Smells fresh from lavender that activates when the sand becomes moist. FourFriends cat sand is 100% natural clay with zeolite. Does not contain any absorbent chemicals.

FourFriends Lavender clumping cat litter forms in to hard and compact lumps that help facilitate the cleaning of the cat litter box. 

Cats have sensitive pads, the sand feels comfortable to walk on. FourFriends cat litter effectively removes bad odors and creates minimal dust. 

  • Supplied in 7kg bags
  • Clumping litter made from premium fine grained Canadian bentonite.
  • Natural scent of lavender
  • Liquid absorbency rate of 400%
  • Up to 99.9% dust-free
  • Doesn't stick to paws

We are unable to send this product to customers based in Northern Ireland. 

"Fab team at FourFriends who genuinely care about the health of your pet. On hand to offer tips and advice as well as providing high premium dog food!"
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