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Puppy Food - The Cheapest Isn't Always The Most Cost Effective

Overall, nutrition is as critical for your Puppy as it is for you.  

The food you feed your dog can directly lead to a healthy, vibrant dog, but it could also lead to medical troubles and possibly disease later in life, so it is probably one of the most important decisions you will make on behalf of your new puppy.

That’s why FourFriends Pet Foods believe your dog should be happy from the inside out. In case of puppies - you should divide the daily feeding portions into 3-5 servings. To maintain proper condition, make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise and do not overfeed. 

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Feed Premium Quality Pet Foods Rather Than Prescription Diets

Should I feed a Prescription Diet or a Premium Quality Dog or Cat Food?

The question we are most often asked “is there an alternative to the very expensive veterinary foods that have been prescribed by my vet for my dog?”

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