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Why Do Dogs Eat Poo?

A question we are frequently asked is ‘why do dogs consume faeces’.

There has been a variety of behavioural theories put forward as to why dogs engage in auto-coprophagia. This is when an animal eats its own faeces.Probably the most common misconception is that faeces eating is a sign that something is missing from the diet. Many owners feed their dogs only once per day. Dogs naturally want to have multiple meals throughout the day, hence they use ‘coprophagia’ to supplement their feeding schedule and fulfil this need.

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Feed Premium Quality Pet Foods Rather Than Prescription Diets

Should I feed a Prescription Diet or a Premium Quality Dog or Cat Food?

The question we are most often asked “is there an alternative to the very expensive veterinary foods that have been prescribed by my vet for my dog?”

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Premium Quality Dog Food



We're big believers in Aloe Vera. That's why you'll find Aloe Vera extract in all FourFriends products. A well known botanical plant, used for centuries around the world. Aloe Vera is crammed full of amino acids, vitamins and minerals making it one of nature's most effective cleansers. It is especially effective in the cleansing of your puppy's intestine.


Puppies have sensitive digestion and many dogs have an intolerance to vegetable protein (or gluten when it comes from cereals). FourFriends is completely free from gluten. This recipe is easy on your dogs tummy and is extremely digestible.